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our fab story

Álainn Collection was founded by Rashida Ryan , the owner and director of Hair by Rashida in Trinidad and Tobago. Rashida, A hairstylist for many years decided to create an avenue where customers could have the best products available to them.


The needs of her clients over the years birthed her passion, and her expertise in hair allowed her to craft the perfect products to add to her Collection.


The name Álainn derived from her family name Allen. Álainn simply means beautiful , fair and lovely. Some of the words buyers would come to use to describe her line .


Álainn Collection was founded in 2016 and has so far been one of the most popular products in Trinidad. The collection contains, Álainn Edge Control , Álainn Growth oil, Álainn Vitamin E oil and Álainn satin bonnets.

The company also launched a line of premium hair extensions under the brand Adorn. Álainn products are available at major beauty supply stores in Trinidad and Tobago and can also be purchased up the islands in Dominica and across the sea to London, England and the United States.

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